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I am a current Grad student at Oregon State University majoring in computer science with a bachelor’s in computer engineering. Before this, I have 3 years of full-time professional experience as an AIOps engineer with IBM and a four-month internship with Tech-Amplifiers.

Software Engineer & Web Developer.

During my professional experience, I worked in multiple verticals like software development, infrastructure, and potential client case studies.

  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Birthday: 24 Oct 1997
  • Phone: +1 458 272 8651
  • City: Corvallis, OR, USA
  • Blood Group: B+ve
  • Degree: Master's of Science (Pursuing)
  • Email: katkhedepushpak@gmail.com
  • Current Status: Seeking Internship

I believe it is vital to implement the theory that you learn in classes to solve real-life problems and I also get excited by seeing what different problems can be put on your plate. I believe my wide spectrum of technical skillset partnered with my experience to communicate with clients would make me a great addition to any team. I am very passionate about the work I am assigned I also strongly believe in the significance of cross-skilling and upskilling as per the business needs of the organization


“I’ve discovered that every time I’ve reached a milestone I think I’m there, but there’s another there waiting for me.” - Sara Benincasa

Here are some my numbers that I believe are milestones of my journey.

Years of Industry Experience





"Hard skills are important to demonstrate a professional's technical expertise."
I have tried to summarize my technical skillset as per my belief

Python 95%
MySql 80%
JavaScript 75%
Kubernetes 65%
Docker 95%
Redhat OpenShift 80%



Pushpak Katkhede

Self-motivated and result-driven master’s student having 3 years of professional experience as an application developer in DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, and Observability verticals certified in Python Programming. Curious individual with a passion for developing innovative and user-intuitive solutions with strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities to expedite organizational growth. Confident communicator, team player with a proven ability to lead teams, and enthusiastically adaptive to up-skill or cross-skill as per business needs.

  • 930 NW Sequoia Avenue, Corvallis, OR
  • (458) 272-8651
  • katkhedepushpak@gmail.com | katkhedp@oregonstate.edu


Master of Science - Computer Science

2022 - 2024

Oregon State University, Corvallis

Courses: Software Engineering Methods, Algorithms - Design, Analysis & Implementation

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Engineering

2015 - 2019

AISSMS College of Engineering, Pune, India

Courses – Data Structures, OOP, Database Management Systems, SW Modelling and Design, SW Project Management, Machine Learning

Professional Experience

Application Developer

2021 - 2022

IBM, Banglore, India

  • Developed and designed software for provisioning, configuring, and integrating resources and tools at a single click providing seamless environment setup triggering in less than 3 seconds.
  • Built and deployed docker containers to host and break up monolithic applications into microservices, improving management, software workflow, speed, and scalability.
  • Actively implemented and maintained CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions and Jenkins to deploy 15 applications on Kubernetes services of clouds avoiding 80 % of manual work.
  • Deployed and administered Kubernetes-based RedHat OpenShift clusters by YAML to ensure cross-team collaboration for hosting their applications over a centrally commandeered system.
  • Engineered traffic simulator that could make 5000 HTTP calls per second to different services of running applications to replicate production load for penetration testing by diverse parameters as inputs.
  • Managed 35 plus GitHub repositories, and permissions, including branching and tagging.

Infrastructure Specialist

2019 - 2021

IBM, Hyderabad, India

  • Programmed virtual dispatchers which improved system availability by 23% in observed time assuring adherence to SLA saving penalties for SLA breaches.
  • Spearheaded a team of 7 engineers in developing dashboard software and REST APIs to integrate external applications.
  • Improved a chat summarization bot by utilizing cloud-based NLP models to store important data from communication channels and moderate read time by 45% by leveraging webhooks.
  • Owned end-to-end observability setups for client environments through Instana, Turbonomics, and Datadog.
  • Supervised team in embedding AI-based intelligent insights and self-contained blueprints for alerting module to monitoring software which saved 80-85% percentage of configuration efforts.

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"It's not the ideas; it's design, implementation and hard work that make the difference." - Michael Abrash


Live Assistance and Tracking System


Current socio-economic situations around the world have seen a drastic rise in crime rate all over the world, which proves difficult to control for any type of authorities and most of the resources are wasted on crimes which have been already committed. The emphasis of our system is to stop the crime before it is even anticipated ensuring safety of a loved individual and also saving the extra resources the authorities may encounter. Our system proposes an immediate live assistance in case of an emergency by special armed task force designed to encounter dangerous situations and kill the crimem in the cradle.


  • A system that establish contact between the victim and the automatically determined nearest police resource with calling or texting them through a small device
  • Ensures there is no misues by handling the impatient/panicked behaviour of the victim
  • Enable the police help to be reached in minimum time to the victim through stacking the location of moving victim

Paper Citation

Katkhede, P. & Todmal, V. & Pandey, D. & Saini, A. & Patil, B.A.. (2019). Live Assistance And Tracking System(LATS) using Cloud and IoT. International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering. 7. 749-751. 10.26438/ijcse/v7i1.749751.


A professional certification or a capstone project is a credential that verifies someone’s knowledge, skills and abilities to perform a specific job. Here are some certifications that I have achieved as a part of my trajectory.

PCAP 31-03

Python Certified Associate Progrmmer

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Amazon Webservices Certified Cloud Practitioner

Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

Cloud Advocate

IBM Certified Advocate - Cloud v1

Data Science Professional Certification

Certificate issued by Coursera & authorized by IBM

Applied Data Science Capstone

Certificate issued by Coursera & authorized by IBM

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I am actively seeking for summer 2023 internship opportunities.


+1 458 282 8651


930 NW Sequoia Avenue